Hi there! My name is Olivia and I’m a third year Classics student at the University of Oxford. I’m originally from Liverpool, an industrial seaside city in north-west England, and home of the Beatles.

I run a Youtube channel on which I translate Disney (and similar animated musical) songs into Classical Latin and Ancient Greek to make the languages more accessible and fun. It was mentioned on here and here and various places on Twitter. I think combining Disney and ancient languages is a mutual exchange of coolness and I hope you’ll come to think so too!

Notate Bene: I CAN’T SING. I’m perfectly aware of this, and I’m not too bothered, since the singing is not really the point of my videos. I do apologise for the assault on your ears but I maintain that I’m in tune and I hope you can enjoy the videos regardless of the tone!

My particular classical interests are epic poetry and imperial history. I’m involved in the Iris Project and the HiRise Latin feed.

This blog is primarily for me to talk about the process of translating songs into Latin/Greek.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, in Latin, French, Italian, Greek or Spanish (the last of which I can just about manage). Oh, and English is okay too.

Disclaimer: All songs and films referenced on this blog are copyright their respective owners. All rights are reserved and no infringement is intended. This site and the related Youtube channel are for educational purposes only and all use of material qualifies as fair use.